November 24 Poem

There is so much sorrow, sadness, violence, intolerance, hate, injustice and deception in our world. But let’s choose to celebrate goodness, honesty, love, caring and kindness. Instead of tearing down, let’s lift each other up.

Let’s celebrate our differences, look for and share the good in the world—art, literature, music, sport, and the beauty of our natural places.

Let’s smile more, do kind deeds, help out strangers. Let’s hug more and love deeper, tell each other ‘I love you’ and really mean it, not using those life-changing words with such frivolity, and so casually.

Let’s be heartfelt and genuine and strive to see the good in others. Let’s be slow to fault and quick to praise.

Let’s remember that all of us, everywhere, need love, and compassion, and understanding. We all just want to feel needed and appreciated.

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