November 10 Poem

It’s too warm for this time of year;

Hardly cold enough for flannel.

The mornings are cool and crisp,

But by afternoon it feels like September.

Where are the cool Autumn days I long for?


The leaves cling stubbornly to skeletal trees

And with no stormy winds they lie lifeless

on the ground, never stirring.

Like Neruda said, I cannot exist

without leaves falling and flying to earth.


Ozzie Baily sang so mournfully of Autumn leaves,

and Ray Nance’s violin could squeeze tears from anyone.

Are Autumn leaves really that sad,

dying and dropping like tears to the earth?


They start as large complete leaves,

bright and cheerful

fluttering down so carelessly,

then they dry and curl up

and are tossed recklessly,

crackling and tearing

becoming smaller and smaller

until they are just tiny bits of confetti

scattered across the ground,

finally becoming dirt,

disappearing altogether.


And that’s why Autumn leaves are so sad,

because what was once so beautiful,

Autumn’s blossoms,

filling our world with color,

swirling and falling all around us

disappear and are gone for a long time.


Here is a link to the song referenced in the poem:



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