On the power of literature

I love to read, and I love to talk about literature. I strongly believe that literature has great power and can change lives. In our ever busy lives, literature, like anything else in life, has to fit into our priorities. We have to read, just like we have to eat and sleep.

I came across this quote by Salman Rushdie:

“Literature is the one place in any society where, within the secrecy of our own heads, we can hear voices talking about everything in every possible way. The reason for ensuring that that privileged arena is preserved is not that writers want the absolute freedom to say and do whatever they please. It is that we, all of us, readers and writers and citizens and generals and goodmen, need that little, unimportant-looking room. We do not need to call it sacred, but we do need to remember that it is necessary.”

And here is interesting article for you to contemplate whether literature really has the power to make us better. (And read some of the comments, quite interesting).


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