Everyone is creative and has something to say

I love this quote from Brenda Ueland in her wonderful little book If You Want to Write. I believe it to be true.

“Men [and women] spend their lives adding and subtracting and dictating letters when they secretly long to write sonnets and play the violin and burst into tears at the sunset. They do not know, as Blake did, that this is a fearful sin against themselves. They would be much greater now, more full of light and power, if they had really written the sonnets and played the fiddle and wept over the sunsets, as they want to.”

And this from William Blake,

“Imagination is the divine body in every man.”

Everyone is creative and has a story to tell. It may be through the written word, a camera, paint brush, or a million other ways. But we should express ourselves and find the best ways to tell our own personal stories.

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